Predimed is the biggest national brand
of real estate mediation.

Created by Miguel Ribeiro, Predimed is a Portuguese real estate founded in 2004!

They currently have more than 1500 consultants and more than 130
branches distributed throughout the Portugal, Açores and Madeira.

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We are pioneers in innovation
of artificial intelligence..

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in Predimed's CRM allows the creation
of descriptions with AI when the ad is being inserted in the CRM
and based on the data entered.

In addition, our consultants can use AI
integrated with real estate CRM to create marketing content, being the first Real Estate Network in Europe making available the technology integrated in the real estate CRM

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Social responsability

Luis Silva Boccia Association.

Predimed supports Boccia as part of its social responsibility initiatives,
helping to promote the practice of sports and the inclusion of people with disabilities
in society.

Boccia is a sport practiced by people with disabilities and has been recognizedo
as an important tool, aims to provide social inclusion
and the practice of sports for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

The Boccia athlete, Luís Silva, has more than 50 titles (national and international) in his career,
he is one of the great athletes at national and international level in Boccia and in 2010
created an Association.

In addition to being huge in the modality he has been practicing for 20 years, Luís Silva together
with his wife Vânia Pinheiro they created, in 2010, the Luís Silva Boccia Association (ABLS).

Since the date of its creation, Associação de Boccia Luís Silva (ABLS) has worked
to develop Boccia in Portugal, organizing national competitions
and international, offering workouts for athletes of all ages and skill levels
and providing support for the Portuguese Boccia team in international competitions.

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